Palm Beach Dancing Studio is simply the best place in town to take dance lessons! At Palm Beach Dancing you get a higher quality instruction for a greater dollar value than anywhere else.  As you know, instructors take such a pivotal role in the learning process. Bad instruction at the least can discourage one from the initial efforts necessary to see the goal and at worst can actively damage the joy and thrust of the individual and couple regarding self and dance. Good instruction can facilitate the transition while strengthening both the individual and couple. To this end, elements of a good teacher include a command and love of Dance, a keen eye to observe the obstacle or problem that an individual or couple might be having with a specific move or element of dance, and the ability to quickly correct the issue in a constructive, understandable and nurturing manner. Palm Beach Dancing’s instructors always gently push for excellence in dancing! At Palm Beach Dancing we break all the dances down into pieces that are easy to learn and remember. We tailor your learning experience to your ability and make sure that you feel successful after every lesson.

Adjudicator Webert Benoit webjudge

Webert Benoit Top Teacher at the Sunshine State Dancesport 2015


Palm Beach Dancing Top Studio at Sunshine Dancesport 2015


Palm Beach Dancing : Top Studio at Killick Klassic 2015


Top Teacher - Webert Benoit
Killick Klassik  2015 Top Teacher – Webert Benoit
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