Salsa-100 DVD

Welcome to Salsa 100, the most complete Salsa dance syllabus in the market today. It is designed for anyone desiring to learn how to dance to Salsa music. After learning all the 100 steps and the technique that comes with them, you will be able to rhythmically express yourself with any Salsa music, and most importantly, dance with any partner at any level.
No more sitting in the corner and watching others having fun dancing. The tables can be reversed if you make Salsa 100 your mentor and teacher for your salsa journey.

Salsa 100 has 100 steps divided in five groups and 10 levels.
1-Newcomer Group: Level-1 & Level-2 ; steps 1-20 

2-Beginner Group : Level-3  & Level-4  ; steps 21-40 

3-Intermediate Group : Level-5 & Level-6 ;  steps 41-60

4-Advanced Group : Level-7 & Level 8 ; steps 61-80

5-Master Group : Level 9 & Level-10  ; steps 81-100

1-The Newcomer group, which includes level 1 and level 2 is from steps No1 to No20. This group covers all types of Salsa basics and Underarm Turns, and an introduction to Cross body Lead, open break, and Hammerlocks as well as some basic technique that will help you understand the music and leading/following. This is the most important group because you cannot build a beautiful house without a strong foundation, and that’s what learning the basic elements does for you.

2-The Beginner Group, which includes level 3 and level 4, is from steps No21 to No40. This is the continuation of the newcomer group and the introduction of new elements such as three step turn, back spot, cuddle, peek-a-boo, copa, swivel, visual lead, hand changed behind the back…etc and lots more.

3-The Intermediate Group, which includes level 5 and level 6, is from from steps No41 to No60. This is the development of all the beginner figures with the introduction of double left and right turns, foot change, sweetheart, and quick spin.

4-The Advanced Group, which includes level 7 and level 8, is from steps No61 to No80. This is the development of some of the intermediate level figures and introduction to new concept of solo figures, as well as the application of some of the solo figures with a partner.

5-The Master Group, which includes level 9 and level 10, is from steps No81 to No100. This group has more intricate figures with introduction of syncopated footwork, toe heel cross, continuous spin, dip, lunge, leg wrap…etc

Excited? I am. Let’s get started. Shall We? Approximately 5 hours of dance instructions.

Most private lessons from a good instructor cost between $70-$150. This is a great bargain at this price. Make it part of your holiday present. Give it as a gift to yourself, your families or  friends. 

Buy Salsa-100 for only $129 $95