What is the best way to start? The best way is to start with the introductory package, which includes three private lessons for a very low cost. A private lesson is a one-on-one instruction with the teacher; it gives you the chance to ask as many questions as possible, and most importantly you can learn at your own pace.  Remember that private lessons are scheduled at your convenience.

I am getting married soon, do you teach first dance?

Yes, we do. Your first dance as husband and wife is a magical moment. Let us help you get ready for this lifetime moment. We can teach you a dance choreographed especially for you, in your favorite style of dancing, or to your special song. You will have a great time learning together, and it’s such an enjoyable way to minimize stress as you prepare for your wedding dance. Dancing together is just plain fun!  

Which dance is the best for me to start?

At Palm Beach Dancing, we let new students pick their own dance to start with. But if they don’t have anything specific in mind, we always encourage them to start with the Rumba as it is the basic of all Latin dances and the Foxtrot for the modern dances.

I like to dance but I have two left feet, can I still learn?

Dancing is for everyone who loves music and wants to be sociable.  If you have the desire to dance and you are willing to be committed, we assure you that in no time, you can achieve your goal of becoming a great dancer.

How long will it take me to learn?

It depends on how often you attend classes and how much time you devote to practicing what you have learned.  Everyone’s ability to learn and retain is different.  Our advice to students is to practice as much as possible.

Do I need a partner for private lessons?

Yes, but don’t worry about it. Your instructor will be your partner.

What do I need to wear for classes?

Classes are offered in a very relax atmosphere.  Wear something comfortable that will allow you to move freely. No sandals or flip flops.

Do I need dance shoes?

Dance shoes are recommended but if you are not sure you want to keep dancing and do not want to invest in a dance shoe, just wear a leather soled shoes if possible, but it’s worth having dance shoes because you will learn much faster. For your convenience, we have dance shoes for sale at the studio.

Do you teach children?

Yes, we do. We teach children from 7 years old and up. 

What classes do you have for children?

The children participate in Latin and ballroom dances such as : Chacha, Samba, Rumba, Pasodoble, Jive,  Waltz, Tango, Viennese waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep.

Do you have performances for students?

Palm Beach Dancing offers students’ performances on a quarterly basis as well as competition.  Every three months each student has the opportunity to show off what they have learned in a well choreographed show put together by our director.

Are the performances for advanced students only?

Any student, regardless of experience can participate in our showcase and competitions.  If you are willing to put the extra time required to prepare for the performance we can get you ready for it, and perform like a star. There are many local dance events in Florida where our students can participate.

What dances do you offer?

We offer all Latin and Rhythm dances such as Salsa, Chacha, Rumba, Samba, Swing, Pasodoble, Jive, Mambo, Hustle, Merengue, Bachata,  as well as The smooth and Standard dances  such as  Tango, Fox trot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango, Quickstep.



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