If you are a goal oriented person and you learn well through setting definitive goals and timelines, then dancing in a competition might be for you. They are also beautiful and glamorous affairs where you can enjoy watching the world’s top couples dance. 

Palm Beach Dancing offers Pro-Am dance competitions training, where amateur students partner with a professional dance instructor. In these events only the students are judged, while the professional helps you look and dance your best.

There are several age groups and skill level divisions available to ensure you compete against other dancers similar to your own age and ability.

Every dance style is available, so you can choose the dances in which you wish to compete. There are competitions available both locally and nationally. 

Competitions are also a great place to meet people with similar interests. Everyone at the competition, from the newest dancer to the seasoned veteran has worked hard to get there. This builds great camaraderie and confidence with everyone rooting for one another. By the end of the weekend, most people feel a sense of accomplishment and are inspired to learn more.

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Palm Beach Dancing pros compete in all four major styles of ballroom dancing: They are proficient in both American and International styles. We have students in all levels : Bronze, Silver, Gold and Open! 

International Latin


American Rhythm

East Coast Swing

American Smooth

After dance pic

International Standard


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