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Anyone wishing to learn anything fast requires extensive training, and dancing is no exception! How fast can you learn how to dance depends on how much you want it, basically it depends on your goals.  For example, some people want to learn how to dance fast because they have a wedding coming up soon and they just don’t want to rock back and forth on the dance floor.

At Palm Beach Dancing, our methods of teaching help students learn how to dance faster than any other dance schools in the area. We use basic methods like walking and weight transfer techniques to help beginners learn to dance fast. Even the so called “two left feet” can learn how to dance fast with our teaching method.

Dancing is like walking or running  to music. So, the first exercise we teach any new student is weight transfer awareness. Next, we teach them about the beat. Understanding the beat value helps students step on the correct beat and or hold a beat longer than other. For example, quick quick, slow (4 beats) in Rumba is equivalent to one bar of music, with one beat for the quick step and two beats for the slow step (quick =1; quick = 1 ; slow =2). In more advanced training, the quick and the slow  steps have the same speed. And of course, we use 1/4 beat and 1/2 beat to speed up our moves. Basically The only difference is that the slow beat is held longer than the quick beat, again because it takes one beat to finish a quick step and two beat for the slow step (Latin dance reference).

We also use some basic body mechanic techniques like  feet positions, foot pressure on the very first few lessons because they are some of the most important aspect of learning how to dance.  Without proper feet placements and foot pressure, most new students experience issues with balance.

Good posture is another key to dance well. Most people want to do the fancy stuff without the basics. For example, turns and spins and hip actions  are almost impossible without proper balance and feet positions. Remember, everything is connected to each other. You must use levity, gravity and core/center to effectively do a spin/turn. Good posture is a must while executing a spin/turn.

Foot pressure is another important stuff in learning how to dance. Foot pressure or gravity in dancing allows you to stop right after a spin/turn. Most students lose balance after a spin because they haven’t learned how to use gravity and core to stop themselves.  With these techniques, any person can learn how to dance to any music in a snap, you just have to do them often enough so that they become second nature.

Too often, students focus on the artistic part of dancing way too early. They want to learn about their arms, or moving their hips when they don’t even know how to take a step properly.  I always told them that learning how to dance properly is like building a beautiful house where a strong foundation is necessary or the house will collapse soon. Having a strong foundation in dancing will make it easy to do all the fancy things you have always wanted to learn.

I hate to say that but, There is no shortcuts in learning how to dance fast! Maybe, the only shortcut is to find a great teacher; one that cares enough to tell you the truth without insulting you, of course.  A great teacher can get you do things that you never thought were possible. My name is Webert Benoit and I have a master degree in Ballroom Dancing.  Together with my wife, I am the owner and dance director of Palm Beach Dancing. There is no such thing called “two left feet” in my school. If you can walk, you can dance! Let us take you to your dancing journey!

If you have a short term to learn how to dance, I strongly recommend private lessons only. But If it’s a long term goal, then you can use either group or private lessons or a combination of both.

It takes just three private lessons to learn how to dance! CLICK HERE TO START

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