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Palm Beach Dancing

10800 North Military Trail Suite 201,

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

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Phone : 855-52(dance) 32623 or  561-932-6660

Palm Beach Dancing - Group Classes




Single Class : $25 per person

Weekly Classes (2) : $40 per week per person

Monthly Classes (4) : $85 per month per person (once a week)

Monthly Classes (8) : $150 per month per person (twice a week)

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on 08, Feb 2019
I have Very happy that I found this dance studio by accident. The owners and teachers are great. No sales pitch, no contract. You can learn as much as you want as the instructors are not holding you back like some other studios do. I recommend this dance studio to anyone looking to learn how to dance.
Kathy Boldwin
on 08, Feb 2019
Great dance studio! I love the instructors there especially Webert and Natalia! They make learning how to dance very easy and fun! It’s a high level dance instructions we are getting from these two awesome instructors! I recommend this studio to anyone looking to learn how to dance the proper way!
Nancy Brown
on 03, Feb 2019
Learning how to dance has not been easy for me until I found this dance studio. No sales pressure, no contract. Just dance as much or as long as you want. I recommend it.
Jamie Oaks
on 03, Feb 2019
My kids 9 and 12 years old are taking dance lessons at the Palm Beach Dancing Studio and they really love it. They are excited to go there every time they have lessons. I enroll my kids to many activities, and I can say that dancing is one of the most exciting thing for them now. I highly recommend Palm Beach Dancing to anyone looking to find a place to learn how to dance.
Aden Cooper
on 03, Feb 2019
Palm Beach Dancing is a great dance studio non only to learn how to dance but also to loose some weight. I used to be a ballet dancer when I was a teenager. College life, a wife and two kids, and a full time job, I don't look anything like a dancer now. After reaching 300 lbs, I decided to start some exercise program so that I can loose weight. I took lessons from one of the instructors (Natalia) for almost one year and I was surprised how much weight I lost while dancing. Everybody is different, but dancing is a natural way for me to stay active Instead of going to the gym. I recommend this dance studio for anyone looking to learn how to dance.
Sony Thelma
on 03, Feb 2019
My wife wanted me to learn how to dance because she thinks that I have two left feet. Part of my 2019 resolution is to learn how to dance, so I googled dance lessons and found this school. I don't have anything to compare to but my instructor (Natalia) taught me how to dance to a point that my wife was shocked that I actually have rhythm. I never wanted to dance with my wife whenever we went out because of my lack of confidence in dancing. But now, it's different because I feel the music just like she does and we can have fun dancing together now. Thank you Palm Beach Dancing. Natalia, you're the best. Thank you.
Marc Smith