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Dancing With The Stars



Within Admirals Cove are ten dancers gearing up for their March 18th debut with Palm Beach professional dancers. The talented team will turn to a Tango, push to the Paso Doble, step to a Swing, Salsa, Medley and Hustle, or revel in a Rumba or Bachata. Although one dancer will take home the title trophy, the real stars are the Admirals Cove Employee Scholarship (ACES) recipient winners who move to the beat of a scholarship to a college, university or certificate program of choice. This is the first, “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser for the ACES non-profit, a grant recipient under the Admirals Cove Foundation.
Jackeline Bermudez gladly speaks to the value that ACES brings to the table.

As a scholarship winner, she’s been given the gift of financial aid to pursue a degree in skilled nursing. For the other 13 recipients selected in 2018, it’s a dream come true, made possible by ACES and The George Snow Foundation. The scholarships for our beloved employees and their families are funded by family donations, sponsorships and ticket sales from the annual fundraiser.

Our ten resident dancers, educational winners and the Palm Beach Dancing studio – with a collective group of dancing professionals – all move to a common cause. They rally together to raise funds, and for some, take home a notable prize. So, get ready, partner up and purchase a ticket for $150 per person. You’ll get to sashay down the Harbourview ballroom floor and join in the celebrity mix. Mark your calendars for Monday, March 18th at 6:30 p.m. sharp – what will be a bright, sparkling night with our Admirals Cove family and friends.

Master of Ceremonies, Bruce Zanca,
announces an all-new resident cast
of dancers. Go ahead and pick your
fancy in this sure-fire lineup of talent.

“ THE TANGO ” This strikingly, handsome couple, Marcella and her partner, Ramphis Kumar, just might steal the show dancing the sultry moves of the Tango. Rumor has it, she struck a Joffrey School of Ballet pose years back, later moving to the beat of the Flamingo. She possesses just enough sass to step us down the cultural path of a dance once celebrated in brothels. The fiery duo lets the music flow from within – their hot, passionate embrace locked in step with sharp, curvy moves.

MARTY ROMM WITH PRO TRISH BERLANGA – “ THE SWING ” This fun, moving target of a man remembers well the Lindy Hop, Jive, Jitterbug and Boogie-Woogie with its hip and cool, breakaway pattern. Our ACES man of social is gearing up for his spirited moves in what was once called the big “Swing era.” We hope to see all smiles from Marty when he lifts, spins and flips his partner, Trish, in a social dance he’s perfected a long time ago. Dancing East or West Coast Swing, the jury’s still out, on Marty’s competitive advantage. So, work those quarter steps.

“THE SWING” Move over Marty with Jenny’s version of the swing – a female’s rendition with fancy steps and quarter turns once started in Harlem. Watch out for Jenny, and partner Austin Crawford, with their “cuddle and roll out” and some groovy hand slides in a six and eight beat pattern. Will the female Swing resident take the dancing prize? Or will Marty’s moves win over the crowd? Jenny, with her timely rock step, triple step, and more will show this lovely lady has what it takes to conquer all!

KARLA CARREIRO WITH PALM BEACH DANCING OWNER / PRO WEBERT BENOIT – “ THE PASO DOBLE ” It only seems fitting that Karla would role play the dance of the Paso Doble having donned a Spanish senorita costume in 6th grade. Whether she’ll step to the story as a torero, Picador, banderillero, bull or Spanish dancer, her partner, Webert, leads the way in this Latin dance. Their sharp, staccato moves and striking body poses – with flamenco style footing – will shake down the house to the drama of a bullfight. Will Karla swing to the moves of her flowing cape while her matador steps to the bullfighter’s victory?

“ THE TANGO ” Debbie does a terrific Tango dancing to the distinctive beat of African, Native American and European rhythms. Look for Debbie in fine fettle with partner, Ruben Sanchez, celebrating Spanish settlers, who introduced this “partner dance” to the New World. Sensual, spirited moves will surprise all with a win-all, stellar performance. Dramatic steps with postured turns mirror the moves from “Scent of a Woman” with Debbie’s on-stage talent – a real tour de force.

ALLAN MEYERSON WITH PRO TRISH BERLANGA – “THE RUMBA” Allan may fool you with his Havana Rumba, we’re told now-turned-ballroom Rumba! Who knew this tall, confident man would shift his daily renaissance stance to a set of secular beats from American Big Band and Afro-Cuban sounds? We have high hopes for Allan with partner, Trish Berlanga and their close-bodied turns. But lean in, the show’s not quite over until you see the delayed foot work and intriguing hip movements. We think Ellen, Allan’s wife, just might grab back her hip-shaking man!

“ THE BACHATA ” Whoa, the Bachata? Frank and partner, Trish Berlanga will show their colorful moves and syncopated foot work in a dance influenced by the Cuban bolero, the Dominican Republic Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia mix. We’re in for a real treat with his free-style moves alternating between a closed and open pattern. We long to see Frank’s suave, romantic style dancing the Latino story of love and heartbreak. He brings to the ballroom floor a fiery passion for the rhythmic beat of the Bachata.

SHANNON AND BRAD BALL COACHED BY PALM BEACH DANCING OWNER / PRO WEBERT      BENOIT – “ THE HUSTLE ” This dynamic duo has captured the hearts of minds of many hustling throughout Admirals Cove. It’s only natural they’d tap into a seasoned pro, to play out a modern-day Hustle. This fast-paced dance, a sister to the Swing, moves to a disco beat and modern-day pop. Both Shannon and Brad bring a fresh look to the twirls, turns and dips. We think their smooth movements and seriously-good steps, will shake your booty to the likes of “Disco Inferno!” No skinny jeans, Shannon. Bell bottoms and disco shirts a must!

“ THE MEDLEY ” The word’s out on Becky’s “Yes, You Can Dance!” non-profit program for adults with special needs from her collective 10 years of dancing. Joined in lively step with partner, Andrei Abrashin – owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio – she’s ready to Foxtrot and West Coast swing to a medley of moves. We hope to tune into some groovy R&B, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Blues for Becky’s – funky, jazzy or swinging – tell-all style. Look for styled patterns with super lead follow connection. Experience speaks for itself!

MAY FORTUN  WITH PRO BRIAN NELSON – “ THE SALSA ” Get ready to Salsa to the fusion beat of May Fortun and her partner, Brian Nelson. Their “Copacabana” moves will stir up the crowd to a set of time-travelled moves from Cuba, Puerto Rico, New York and the bright lights of Miami. May’s hot Salsa mix with her partner’s strong leads and swivel steps put a spotlight on this lively dance duo. Listen for the eight beats of music that loop them back to a new sequence of steps. Who knew May had moves like that? You go girl. Our vote’s now on you!

P A L M B E A C H D A N C I N G ;
1 0 8 0 0 NORTH  MILITARY TRAIL , SUITE 201 , PALM BEACH GARDENS  This dynamic couple, Webert and Natalia Benoit – with a  collaborative dance team – stay hot on the professional trail having won a host of trophies and accolades. Webert, an NDCA adjudicator in professional dance, is a Latin Champion and three-time US ambassador to the World Latin
Championship honors in Spain, Belgium and Finland. This former Taekwondo Fourth-Degree Black Belt and Master moves to the passionate grace of all styles of dance. Natalia holds her own bevy of trophies as a former Russian National Latin Champion. Collectively, the dancing pros post over 200+ hours on the professional ballroom floor.


Learn how to dance fast

Learn How To Dance Fast

Anyone wishing to learn anything fast requires extensive training, and dancing is no exception! How fast can you learn how to dance depends on how much you want it, technically it depends on your goals.  For example, some people want to learn how to dance fast because they have a wedding coming up soon and they just don’t want to rock back and forth on the dance floor.

At Palm Beach Dancing, our methods of teaching help students learn how to dance faster than any other dance schools in the area. We use basic methods like walking and weight transfer techniques to help beginners learn to dance fast. Even the so called “two left feet” can learn how to dance fast with our teaching method.

Dancing is like walking or running  to music. So, the first exercise we teach any new student is weight transfer awareness. Next, we teach them about the beat. Understanding the beat value helps students step on the correct beat and or hold a beat longer than other. For example, quick quick, slow (4 beats) in Rumba is equivalent to one bar of music, with one beat for the quick step and two beats for the slow step (quick =1; quick = 1 ; slow =2). In more advanced training, the quick and the slow  steps have the same speed. And of course, we use 1/4 beat and 1/2 beat to speed up our moves. Basically The only difference is that the slow beat is held longer than the quick beat, again because it takes one beat to finish a quick step and two beat for the slow step (Latin dance reference).

We also use some basic body mechanic techniques like  feet positions, foot pressure on the very first few lessons because they are some of the most important aspect of learning how to dance.  Without proper feet placements and foot pressure, most new students experience issues with balance.

Good posture is another key to dance well. Most people want to do the fancy stuff without the basics. For example, turns and spins and hip actions  are almost impossible without proper balance and feet positions. Remember, everything is connected to each other. You must use levity, gravity and core/center to effectively do a spin/turn. Good posture is a must while executing a spin/turn.

Foot pressure is another important stuff in learning how to dance. Foot pressure or gravity in dancing allows you to stop right after a spin/turn. Most students lose balance after a spin because they haven’t learned how to use gravity and core to stop themselves.  With these techniques, any person can learn how to dance to any music in a snap, you just have to do them often enough so that they become second nature.

Too often, students focus on the artistic part of dancing way too early. They want to learn about their arms, or moving their hips when they don’t even know how to take a step properly.  I always told them that learning how to dance properly is like building a beautiful house where a strong foundation is necessary or the house will collapse soon. Having a strong foundation in dancing will make it easy to do all the fancy things you have always wanted to learn.

I hate to say that but, There is no shortcuts in learning how to dance fast! Maybe, the only shortcut is to find a great teacher; one that cares enough to tell you the truth without insulting you, of course.  A great teacher can get you do things that you never thought were possible. My name is Webert Benoit and I have a master degree in Ballroom Dancing.  Together with my wife, I am the owner and dance director of Palm Beach Dancing. There is no such thing called “two left feet” in my school. If you can walk, you can dance! Let us take you to your dancing journey!

If you have a short term to learn how to dance, I strongly recommend private lessons only. But If it’s a long term goal, then you can use either group or private lessons or a combination of both.

It takes just three private lessons to learn how to dance! CLICK HERE TO START

Webert & Natalia

Top Teacher – Webert Benoit
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5.0 Rating From 8 Reviews.
on 06, Mar 2019
Absolutely the best dance studio for people that want to look great on the dance floor. They really care about their students. I recommend it.
on 03, Mar 2019
This dance school is like a second home for me. I dance everyday with the owners (Webert and Natalia) and I am so happy to have found this place. They are honest, and polite, and awesome people and instructor. I highly recommend this dnace studio for any dancing activity.
on 09, Mar 2019
I have been a student at this dance studio for the last eight years and before that I was taking lessons at many other dance studios. This is the best dance studio in the Palm Beach area for sure. No contracts, pay as you go, top dance instructors, and affordable prices... Where else can you get this deal. I highly recommend this dance school.
on 08, Feb 2019
Great dance studio! I love the instructors there especially Webert and Natalia! They make learning how to dance very easy and fun! It’s a high level dance instructions we are getting from these two awesome instructors! I recommend this studio to anyone looking to learn how to dance the proper way!
Nancy Brown
on 24, Feb 2019
on 08, Mar 2019
Great dance school! The owners are very friendly and most importantly, they are great teachers and dancers. I recommend this!
on 07, Mar 2019
I have always wanted to dance but work has always been on the way. While most dance studios open only in the afternoon, which is too late for me, this one is open early in the morning which is perfect for me as I can go take my lessons before I go to work, which puts me in the best mood for the day. I usually dance twice a week and all my co-workers can tell which day I dance because my mood is a lot better after. Thank you so much for accommodating my schedule. I appreciate it very much.
Sandie Austin
on 08, Feb 2019
I am very happy I found this dance studio by accident. The owners and teachers are great. No sales pitch, no contract. You can learn as much as you want as the instructors are not holding you back like some other studios do. I recommend this dance studio to anyone looking to learn how to dance.
Kathy Boldwin

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Group Dance Classes-Adults

Group dance classes are a fun way for adults to learn how to dance in a friendly social setting. Our dance classes are ideal for learning basic techniques and getting comfortable with the fundamentals of specific dance styles, from Salsa to Tango, and everything in between. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability.

We offer a variety of adult dance classes, such as drop-in or progressive in a developmental series. They are a great compliment to private lessons and our social dance parties.





Social Dance Parties

Palm Beach Dancing social dance parties provide an ideal setting for perfecting your freshly learned moves, meeting new people, and simply having fun. The environment is comfortable, welcoming, and perfect for developing your party skills. The Dance With Me staff ensures that each guest is fully engaged in the party atmosphere and walks away filled with memories of a wonderful time.

Social dance parties are held every other Fridays!


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Kids’ Dance Classes


Join the Palm Beach Dance Club and learn all the cool moves you’ve seen on TV! Classes are being held every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30PM.


Please register below. Classes will start on Tuesday , September 11th at 4:30pm. You can join us at any time as classes are on going.

Palm Beach Dancing - Group Classes



After registration, please proceed to payment:

Single Class : $25 per person

Monthly Group Class (once a week = 4 lessons) : $85 per person

Weekly Classes (2) : $40 per week per person

Monthly Classes (8) : $150 per month per person