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on 17, Apr 2019
Great dance studio! Very glad I found this dance school for my daughter! She has always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance. She loves it so much!
James Homey
on 17, Apr 2019
I really like this dance studio. No sales pitch, no sales pressure. Great dance studio atmosphere. Very aesthetic.
Anna Sanchez
on 19, Apr 2019
Great dance studio. The instructors are very nice and knowledgeable. They have a simple method of explaining how to dance. I am not surprised that my husband (he has two left feet) are now dancing together for the first time after 40 years of marriage. Thank you Webert.
Sonia Thomas
on 22, Apr 2019
Great teachers
on 28, May 2019
This is great place to learn how to ballroom dance. I wish I had found this dance studio earlier because I had a hard time sticking to my dance schedule in the evening in the previous dance studio I was in because I work until 5pm and my family is waiting for me at home. Now, I am very happy that I can dance in the morning before work. Webert is an excellent instructor and learn so much from him. I definitely would recommend this dance studio to anyone looking to learn how to dance and yes, they open at 8am:) Thank you!
Magdalena Masuran
on 31, May 2019
I brought this salsa DVD and I must say that this is one of the best instructional DVD I have ever got. I recommend it to anyone looking to learn or improve your salsa moves.
Toby Ramsy
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