Summer Special

burlington6UNLIMITED PRIVATE LESSONS.                   Get amazing results in just 6 weeks of dancing with unlimited private dance lessons. Sounds like a dream? It’s not. Now, imagine you are dancing everyday for six weeks, what kind of results would you get?

I bet you can get really good at dancing. I bet you can finally master that specific move you are trying to perfect. Well, whatever your goals maybe, whether it’s learning a new dance, loosing weight, surprising a loved one with a brand move, or perfecting a new dance, Palm Beach Dancing has a new program designed to help you achieve your specific goals in a very short period of time.

You can learn any dance of your choice in this program:


















If your dream is to be really good at dancing, then this is your opportunity. Let’s face it, to be good at anything, you must put in  the time because you really can’t be good at anything doing it just once a while.

Students enrolled in this program will have access to unlimited private lessons for 6 weeks. Sounds too good to be true? It really is, but space is limited to only serious students. First comes first serves basis, so enroll now. Click below and fill out the contact form.

First comes, first served, sign up now!